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This is my online. A repository of what i do and what ive been up to.
i keep busy...

this site is tasked with posting my professional and personal portfolio samples, my presentations, social media work, my blogs, music, and video works, as well as, my various textile designs for sale

I am a career graphic designer, with strength in marketing, branding,
web design, social media, music and video, engineering and mixing, and editing.
I thrive on freelance and seek any offer or challenge.

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The Badstone Bandana


an experienced Senior Graphic Designer with multi-facetted experience and expertise in Print, Web, Multi-media, Branding, and Marketing. I have a 3 year design diploma from Sheridan College and certificates in various web skills, and utilized practical web design skills honed over the years (in static flash, xhtml - front end, CSS and CMS). I am heavily experienced in all facets of design, print, screen printing graphics, large format (trade shows) design and builds, and production art. I have exposure to new business research, client relations, and marketing/social channel experience. I have stand-alone studio experience, and experience in team environments.

I have experience in video editing and experience in Prezi. I have social media and personal blog experience as well as experience in photography and successful ecommerce ventures. I am fluent on Mac and PC. I have experience in analytics, flexibility in new software environments, and proven experience in various CMS.

From an injury, to a wall painting; now an expanding digital landscape over this incomplete journey.


born into a family where several relatives are classically trained.
I was not. I decided to make it on a 'perfect ear' alone.

I was involved in several bands in my 20s, originally as a rhythm guitarist for a three piece band, then after losing my left index finger, a keyboardist and writer for two bands (with some drums); eventually becoming an engineer of sortsout of shear desperation and necessity. The true progressive garage band experience I guess you would say.

It wasnt until 2006, more than 15 years after playing live in a band, when I dusted off my Roland HS-60 studio board following years of neglect, and decided to get back to jamming again. It had been such a long a time; it felt amazing and was then that I decided to start writing again. Here we are today... 10 collections in, twelve years on ~ from reckless high school kids kicking it around in a Mississauga basement, to where I am now. I'm older and more in love with creating music now than ever before. I have been lucky to meet some key people over the years, who are gifted musicians, and who have taught me a lot about music; inspiring me to move forward trying new things with my work.

I love the process, the collaborations, and posting new music. I like how my mind keeps sending me a riff to start from. My trip is cajoling these sounds to becoming moments together. I hope you get it. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for listening!
"Life plays the music and I dance whether I choose to or not.
But the more the music plays, the better I dance."  bsm.02.12.1999


The following artwork in this section below represents the discography of my music to this point. Check it out.

designer seeks charity work

I am seeking partnerships with not-for-profit charities who would like designer assistance

After two years assisting The Peel Charity Slo-Pitch League and their fund-raising campaigns for Cardiac Kids and Sick Childrens Hospital,
I am seeking to lend my energy to other not-for-profit charities. Please contact me here through my website if you are looking for branding/design  help


My music from 2005 to now... All songs and cover design are property of Scott McNair

Art Of War

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair 

Always About The Save 3:14
Bad Mojo 4:48
City Limits 3:48
Conjure Up 4:59
Hard Like Life, Soft Like Porn 4:15
Here It Comes 4:19
The Leisure Suite 3:54
Old Ways 4:46
Perth Line 20 3:06
Runtime 3:36
Secret Agent 4:21
There Is Where 3:44
Told You So 4:12

Nothing To Say

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

I, Almost Complete 2:12
Along My Way 3:51
Badstone 5:12
Big Crush 4:29
Dark Vista 4:26
Dry Hump 3:32
Interlude 0:30
My Old Suede 3:59
Poolside Drunk 3:48
There Was A Time 4:42
416 Worth 4:22
I, Complete 3:33 

Music Is The Weapon

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair 

Cause And Effect 5:48
Danté 3:43
Get My Gun 4:44
Newby 6:12
Pennance Due 4:40
Slow, Komputer
[Instrumental] 5:04
Slow, Komputer
[Feat. LiveLargeMusic} 5:04
So What 3:20
Solace 7:03
Sounds Like The Living 4:25
Wicker Man 5:48


Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

Fall Out 4:38
Fragments 2.0 4:15
I Am, Father Of These Tears 5:30
I Think I'll Play the Drums [Feat. David & Cassie Ayres] 4:32
Monuments To Money 5:02
She, Will, Drive! 5:14
Slobberknocker 4:32
Spiral in My Hand
[Feat. Ramonaji] 4:06
Spiral In My Hand (Instrumental) 4:05
Strange But True 5:46
The Closer I Get 3:58
Thomas Town (For Stirling)               3:35
Too Close To The Edit 4:56

Purpose Is As Purpose Does

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

Alice Is... 5:10
BANG! 3:53
Dance The Whole System 3:27
Get Up And Run 4:13
How Is It, With You? 3:33
Last Call 3:16
March Of The Hypocrisy 3:54
Our Lives Unto Now
(McNair 40th Anniversary) 4:56
That'll Teach Me 5:17
The Trouble With Her Is... 4:39
Unlock 4:16
WTF_!! 3:20

Here In The Light

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

Among Us
[Feat. Oliver Kilian] 3:37
Every Door Is Open 3:08
Five by Five 3:02
In The Winter
[Feat. Phil Deadman and Oliver Kilian] 3:37
It Is What It Is 3:20
Journey On Sand 3:26
Keep It Clean (Original) 4:19
Keep It Clean (Redux) 4:17
PORTALS (For GLaDOS)  4:00
Sex & Love This Aftermath 3:49
Sofie Leaves A Letter 4:20
The World As I Know It 6:27
These Days Ahead 4:26
trippin on the north beach 4:00
2m, 21s - Inertia 2:27

Spiritual Combustion

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

Assembly Fail 4:25
The Blunt End 3:45
Find The Way 3:32
Into The Fold Of Night
[Feat. TaraToxic, Grimsby, UK and JJWeekz, USA] 5:00
Last Time 3:44
Last Time (Instrumental)               3:43
Pezzed Out 6:33
To The Girl In The Cubical [Instrumental] 3:40
To The Girl In The Cubicle [Feat. Livelargemusic] 3:49
Try To Shine 4:04 Underground And Foolish [Feat. janis71, Metz, France] 2:24
27 Huron 2:04

The Jump To Conclusions

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

Eternal Brooklyn Chase
[126-1050] 1:50
[with Mitch Mitchellson Comeaux] 2:55
Forgiven 2:29 Idle Hands,
the work of the Levels 3:16
I'm Not In Love (But Keep A Light On For Me) 4:03
It Will Be Quick [Feat. cufool on synth riff] 3:26
Just Like That 3:19
My Other Ride 1:52
MY420 4:14
Pay With Your Life 2:15
Populist Theories 2:47
Samhain 2:24
This Processor Between Us [Feat. zombieme, Liverpool UK, sampled] 3:07

To Find
My Way Back

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

As I Turn (Instrumental OG) 3:31
As I Turn (Instrumental) 3:31
Been On Down That Road 4:40
Curves And Speed 4:06
Dream No.5 5:05
HWY81-ON 3:22
In The Company Of Wolves 4:27
So Very, Very... 2:50
Start The Clock 2:58
Waiting On The Storm 4:17
When Galileo Spoke (Tribute) 4:58

Not Famous

Badstone Music,  
S. Hunter McNair

Slip Through The Underground 4:16
Step Up MOFO 3:38
At The Pub With
The Sullied Prophet 3:50
Chasing Control 2:50
The Eyes Have It 3:00
In The Crowded Room 4:22
Nevada Route 50 - 1 a.m. 4:42
Sell It All [Tripping At TCM 09.22.2017] 3:20
Springtime In Oblivion
[Feat. Stirling Major-McNair] 4:07
That Season Again
(An Ode to Christmas Past) 3:21
Trip Too 2:39
Weird Daze 3:50
Just Down The Alleyway, Just Beyond The Light 2:36
Cities 2:39


All songs and cover design are property of
Scott McNair | Badstone Music |


(Let's) Steal Some Time

Badstone Music,
a collection of SINGLES, 2018

Let's Just Go

Badstone Music, 
a collection of SINGLES, 2018

Those Goddamn Birds

Badstone Music, 
a collection of SINGLES, 2018

Quand Les Étoiles Deviennent Sombres

Badstone Music, 
a collection of SINGLES, 2018

Full Count

Badstone Music, 
a collection of SINGLES, 2018

And All The Stars Above

Badstone Music, 
a collection of SINGLES, 2018

At The Pub With The Sullied Prophet

Badstone Music,
from the album,
Not Famous, 2017

Biding My Time

Badstone Music,
a collection of SINGLES, 2018

Populist Theories

Badstone Music, 
from the album, 
The Jump To Conclusions, 2014

Every Door Is Open

Badstone Music, 
from the album, 
Here In The Light, 2011

Slow, Komputer [Feat. LiveLargeMusic]

Badstone Music, 
from the album, 
Music Is  The Weapon, 2008

Trip Too

Badstone Music, 
from the album, 
Not Famous, 2017


All videos are property of Scott McNair

Full Count.
by Badstone Music. 2018.

Composition written March 31, 2018.
Video written August 10, 2018.

This Processor Between Us [Feat. zombieme, Liverpool UK, sampled].
by Badstone Music. 2014.

Original music written 2014.
Video written Autumn 2016.

Step Up MOFO
by Badstone Music. 2016.

Original music & video written Autumn 2016.

by Badstone Music. 2010.

Original music summer of 2010.
Video created winter 2015.

A second life for one of my favourite personal compositions.


I create original customized designs for jerseys, sleeves/sleeveless shirts, paintball jerseys, and hoodies. If you have an idea, I can design a four colour subliminated design for it.

All HOODY designs (except "January" -  done for a buddy for his wifey) shown below are available for purchase. Contact me for details.

I work closely with for production of my design work,
they are the shit if you want proper dope repro.
If you are looking for sizing of a new, or existing design, 
please check out the below link


All professional and personal designs shown are property of Scott McNair



8' tall plus banners for tradeshows
print ready, at size and resolution


Primarily my work with Alliance Corporation and Whitman MFG.



Also savvy in CMS: Mobirise, Joomla, Wordpress









Preliminary design and front end code for ACAT, Michigan US


Notice the state of the world? Pollution from automobiles, steel plants, dry cleaners, etc. Dumping by oil tankers, corporations, your neighbours, etc. Developers greedy for money; tearing down the forests and moraines lightning-quick, in favour of condos and fully detached homes, uprooting all species of animal and plant life indigenous to those areas. Each year we further the effectiveness by which we obliterate the natural landscapes and environments of Earth. We mindlessly destroy the balance and beauty of the globe and replace it with a noxious horizon of filth, and a barren wasteland that points directly to man's blatant greed, carlessness and wastefulness.

Time is running out and we need to change how we coexist with nature.
Please take a stand and do whatever you can; whenever and wherever you can.

Write your MPP and MP, and tell them you want change. Please support agencies that advocate the environment.
if they arent too involved in themselves


It can't hurt you to hear something out of your ordinary every now and then.
Write me in the contact section and lemme know what you wanna hear.

Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall